Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If I didn't know better...

I would think I had cancer.  Not to alarm anyone!  Overall my health is looking pretty good in that area and just to prove it I have just celebrated 4 years in remission!  But seriously the last time I had these kinds of bizarre things happen to my body and I felt this exhausted I was eventually diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Admittedly, if I hadn't had that positive pregnancy test in hand my hypochondriac self would have been hauling butt to the oncologist.

So what do you ask reminds me of it?

Well, so exhausted  that I snapped open my eyes and tried to figure out how long I had been sitting on the toilet, at work mind you.  Luckily it hadn't been that long but yikes!

Thrush - Oh yeah, that's right I don't even have a baby yet and I am already dealing with thrush.  I got it several times when I was sick so I knew what it was as soon as it began to appear. This may sound strange to you, but I have learned that normal doesn't exist in my world.

Itchy - okay well this was slightly different but when I was sick I itched so much all over my body that I drew blood and have scars on my back, feet and ankles.  This time, I had a flare up of my urticaria and was covered in hives and itching.

Pretty impressive list for less than two weeks isn't it? LOL  I figure I am simply trying to be efficient by getting it out of the way early.  At least I hope!

I know it seems a little dark to the compare the two but seriously who would have thought pregnancy would feel this way?  I certainly didn't! And I have been doing a lot of reading.

Fatigue or nausea or goofy other things, it's a part of the journey and I am so excited to be on it.

But I will gladly take any advice on keeping my energy up!  So share away!  I just know I am going to wake up at the end of the bus line drooling on some poor stranger's shoulder.  :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

And the verdict is in...

WOOHOO!!!   We finally have our first BFP (or Big Old Fat POSITIVE!!)

Holy cow!  This has been confirmed by a blood test at the doctor's office.  I am officially 4 weeks pregnant.  (falalala la laaa)  Oh I'm sorry excuse me but I am floating on air!!

While I have of course gone the nontraditional route in so many ways on this journey, from well the journey itself to blogging about it and having you all come along with me, I am not going to post it on Facebook for a while.  The warrior princess is worried I will jinx it.  But I just can't help myself, I am so friggin excited!! So to compromise, I am telling you for me and we will tell the rest of the world when Dayleen feels it is a little safer.  Deal.

Can I say I feel great right now?  Ask me how I feel again in a few days but right now it is majestic to finally have the positive affirmation that what I have been working for may finally pay off.

So here is the cute story:

In the past I have had a bad and rather expensive habit of testing too early and too many times with heartache and then just to start my period.  This time, well frankly I had to wait because of the hCG shot could create a false positive.  And the Warrior Princess was threatening to lock up all the pregnancy tests on me, so I waited.

But you know this morning, the day I could test I was up bright and early!!  I went in and diligently did what girls do when you are taking a pregnancy test and peed on a stick.  Now, I don't have the best eye sight first thing in the morning without my glasses and all and these things can take a few minutes, so I went back to bed.  Dayleen followed in and yelled "hey!  I see two lines!!"

My response went something like this "You have got to be sh*t'n me" repeated several times.  I mean I have done this a couple of times to no avail after all.

I totally freaked out and could not get back to sleep, so I have been up since and went in the doctor's first thing this morning.  And now with a positive blood test I can share it with you!!


YAY!!!  Now we hope and pray for a whole lot of sticking power and healthy vibes.

Holy Smokes, I am Pregnant

Monday, February 6, 2012

We are off!!

Of course we are finally ready to get started again, and it looked like I wasn't going to ovulate.  Normally I have a positive OPK by day 13... by the time day 16 rolled around and still no pretty little smiley face?  So sad!  I called the clinic to see what they thought, because I was experiencing other signs of ovulation there might have still been a chance.

I went in for the "egg tickler" aka "follicular ultrasound" where they can see your ovaries and tell if you are about the ovulate/already have. And hot dog, just a late ovulation because there was a nice big fat 21 (some measurement) dominant follicle.  The warrior princess thinks my body just didn't want to give it up!  At my age, I only have so many good ones left. :)  So we did an hCG trigger shot to help launch that egg out and went in the next day.  Otherwise, it could have interrupted our Superbowl party (no alcohol for me!!).

It is very exciting to be officially underway on our next series tries.  May the baby dust with us this month. Look for an update in about two weeks :)