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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers


Now that this seems to be taking a little longer than anticipated, I thought I would put together a timeline for everyone so you can see where we are in the process.

Decemberish 2010
After several life events the Warrior Princess and I decide to move forward with trying to start a family.  She leaves to go save the world as most superhero's do, I stay and hold down the fort.

March 2011
I go to the Doctor's Office to do my Annual Exam and she lets me know in no uncertain terms that if I plan on having children, now is the time. (gulp)  Already was planning on it, but it helps to have the motivation!

April 2011
Because of my history of cancer I did all of the fertility testing up front for the most part.  Chemotherapy makes your reproductive life shorter.   We choose a donor and get set-up with a fertility clinic.

May 2011
Warrior Princess comes home and we are off for Try #1 now referred to as TTC (trying to conceive).  We visit a psycho-social reproductive counselor and are approved...although it was looking sketchy there for a sec.

TTC #1

June 2011
TTC #2
1 IUI with hCG trigger shot

July 2011
TTC #3

July 22, 2011 Big day in our life and history... Check back on September 20, 2011 to find out more.  No, I am not pregnant and just hiding it, please I couldn't possibly keep that quiet!!

August 2011
Did not ovulate this month...

September 2011
TTC #4

October - December 2011
Taking a break for work

Looking to gear back up in December/January

January 2012 Starting Up Again!!
Switched Donors

February 2012
TTC #5
Late Ovulation
1 IUI with hCG Trigger Shot
February 16, BFP!
2/16/12 BT#1 106
2/20/12 BT#2 604 Definitely Pregnant!!!!