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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Stockpile

It seems the first things people were asking us was "are you registered" and "what are your colors".  So now that we have officially registered you might notice some items missing from the registry.  But, that's right, if you know us you know we already have a little pile o' goodies for the baby.

So here is a list of things we already have or we know is coming our way:

Forehead thermometer
Ergo Baby Carrier
Crib and changing table (just need mattress and pad) (Thank you Treasea & Gary!!)
Grocery Cart/High Chair fabric cover thing (Thanks Tina!)
Infant bouncer thing
compact travel sleeper thing
One used pak-n-play to take to family's house
Sling (Thanks Tawnya!!)
Swing (Thanks Tina!!)
Exersaucer/Jumparoo seat type thing
Mobile for crib
Crib blanket set (Thanks Rebekah!!)

Plus other random items that we have picked up or been given along the way.

Now some important answers to frequently asked questions by our friends and family:

Registry:  this will list both of our registries, Amazon and Babies r Us in one spot. We did duplicate register for some items between the two so check and see who has it cheaper, or go out to where ever you want.  If you don't see it on the registry and you don't see it in the list above but you think it could be useful.  Go for it!  It's probably more likely that we didn't know about it, being that this is our first time and all.

Cloth Diapers:  We are planning to do Cloth with supplemental disposable.

Colors:  Well considering the random smattering of items I can't say we really have a theme per se, but the colors are revolving around taupe, yellows, ecru, and brown.  Think Classic Winnie the Pooh. Is that required for us?  Nope we actually don't care as long as it is relatively gender neutral. And the baby won't either.  The Sesame Seed will probably never care that the nursery is not coordinated or themed.  It will be functional though darn it.

Estimated Due Weeks:  The end of October! Cute little pumpkin baby????

Gender:  Not finding out so stop asking!  LOL Though I must say it was hard not to.  Even if we knew, we still wanted gender neutral type things anyway so we could use them again for the next baby.

Planned Birth Location:  The Birthing Inn in Tacoma

If you think of anything else that should be here, let us know!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Sesame Seed Pics!!

Here it looks like the sun is shining through my belly onto to the baby's face. 

Those are FINGERS!!!! It's cute little hand.

Sleeping Sesame how sweet.  

And that my friends is an adorable little foot!!!

Sesame Seed sleeping with arm up by face.  I just couldn't get over how big it was!!!

Long and Lean... what the tech said.  The Warrior Princess's response?  Yes!  I knew we picked the right donor! lol... And NO we did not find out the gender!  Not because the Sesame Seed was being uncooperative but because we want to enjoy that surprise when the baby makes his or her entrance into the world.

Besides as we have said before, this is the first of two (Dayleen will be in charge of round 2) and we want to have items we can use again anyway so from a practical standpoint it makes sense to force everyone into gender neutral items otherwise we know you all in our lives will be filling our rooms with pink or blue and then we could be stuck with it!  I am all about re-using (has anyone seen my garage sale habit??).

Here I am at 22 weeks:
I am fairly certain I have moved beyond the "one too many donuts look"! The weird line in my tummy is where the maternity pants turn into soft fabric but I wasn't all that concerned.  They are comfortable and that's all I care about! It's crazy how fast it's growing, and my goodness the girls are ridiculous!  Seriously, 34 years old and they are the best they have ever looked.  I am enjoying it while I can :)

And here is the Sesame Seed sound asleep:

As we were leaving the parking lot I felt it start kicking again.  Of course!  Now it decides to wake up :)  So far so good and we even spotted some fingers and toes.  Dayleen is happy to report that there are 10 of each.  I kept saying it was no big deal, Marilyn Monroe had 6 toes on one foot!  Nevertheless, it is reassuring when you see two arms, two legs, and all those piggies!! Apparently this is the last time I am allowed to use the Marilyn Monroe comparison.  Ha ha. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Parents Day!

We are obviously building a family that is full of love, compassion, and undoubtably some neurotic creative disciplinary techniques.  Anyone who knows us, knows this to be true and I have to guess if you are reading this it is because you are excited about us being parents!

This journey has brought new meaning to both of us for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  One day set aside each year to celebrate the people who loved you with their whole being, probably brought you into this world, but if they didn't that minor detail was no consequence to them or you, because they loved you and guided you all the same.

Every day we see the actions of those who are the "Village" that makes up our families and provide for us role models, love, inspiration, wisdom of a hard lived life, advice, and sometimes the tough truth.  But I am especially reminded on days like today when many people, through texts, Facebook posts, etc. end up taking the opportunity to thank those that they felt contributed to their success as a human being, whether biological or not and regardless of whether they are "Father" or "Mother".  Single moms and dads, foster parents, father and mother figures, aunts and uncles, grandparents, it doesn't matter really where you are (or are not) in the blood chain, only that you were there.  You are the ones being thanked.

So whatever we call these days, take them as a moment to thank your family as you have defined it.

And we are using this to celebrate our own wonderful family and the fun we get to have with it!  Starting with our baby book!  We started it over Mother's Day Weekend and I was reminded of it again today and thought it would be a great thing to share.

Now, we couldn't find a baby book we liked that was, well, ready to go for us.  But we used our creativity to make it picture perfect (Devi would be so proud of the scrapbookingesque approach we used)!  How cute is this???

We had to change Grandparents to Parents later
 Who do you think is Mom and who is Mommy?  Will that change when the Sesame Seed actually arrives?
The Monkey is SOO cute
 We also dedicated a page to the Donor (not shown here) because it is important part of how our family was built!
This will probably be one of the favorite "look back at" pages

We can't wait to include items from all of you into our Memories.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to make room for a baby

Well admittedly, one of the logistically most complicated parts of this whole (seriously this statement includes the actually getting pregnant part) process has been how do you actually make room for a new being in your house?

It's not like we are 19 and just starting out in the world with our empty cardboard boxes acting as a coffee table and our oven as a desk.  Oh you think I am kidding?  Ask anyone about my first apartment, I didn't actually even use my room at first because I didn't have a bed. Instead, I slept in a sleeping bag on my "free from a friend who was going to throw it away" wood frame with removable 70's green and orange floral cushions couch. Needless to say I had room to grow.

Fast forward to today, here are two established women in their 30s and who have actually lived in the same place for a decent amount of time, including two dogs and two cats.  I think it is safe to say that we have "filled our space"  and the Warrior Princess would probably argue TOO well tee hee.  So I have a shoe ... let's call it fascination shall we! What can I say!

We have been told we can't put the baby in the dog kennel with Effie.  Although Dayleen would argue if you start from the beginning they don't know any different and the dogs are just a little spoiled. :)

In all seriousness, how pray-tell did we find room in our house for our forthcoming addition?

1. Garage Sale!!!  - Hard decisions had to be made but we both found plenty of items that could be better used by someone else.  I literally used 60 price tags alone on clothes and shoes.

2.  Goodwill - What didn't sell found a new home at Goodwill or on

Finally, the mother of all problem solvers:

3.  Creative Room Design - The real purpose of this post!!

So here is our Guest Room Before:

Yes that is baby stuff at the end of the bed.  :)

And our office (from the POV of Dayleen's Desktop) before hand:

Yes, that is me walking around pre pregnancy days.... good news is, the sooner I pop this thing out the sooner I can work back to that!  And unfortunatley, this is about as good as gets for a picture of the office.  In my adventure to write this post I realized the pictures I had of the office all came from the camera on the desktop! lol.  So use your imagination.

Solution?  Turn the Guest Room into a Guest Room/Office but our predicament is that we actually have guests that use our guest room on a regular basis so we didn't want to go with an uncomfortable cheap futon or skinny sleeper sofa.  For quality in either of those areas you still had to spend some cash.    

Well after all the research, measuring, sampling, and letting go we found an excellent answer!

A Murphy BED!!!  We get to keep the comfortable queen bed, but it is out of the way when guests are not here and we have plenty of office space.

And now the old office will get to be the Treadmill/Nursery!

 Dayleen has already put her mad skills to the test making an awesome shelf to put inside the closet to help maximize space.

This ladies and gentleman is how to make room for a baby... Dayleen and Junelle Style!  Welcome to our transformation. 

P.S.  Yes we are keeping the walls in the nursery off-white.  That is just who we are, we like our off-white what can we say.  But we may be open to wall decorations to add a little spice to the room.