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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Long and Lean... what the tech said.  The Warrior Princess's response?  Yes!  I knew we picked the right donor! lol... And NO we did not find out the gender!  Not because the Sesame Seed was being uncooperative but because we want to enjoy that surprise when the baby makes his or her entrance into the world.

Besides as we have said before, this is the first of two (Dayleen will be in charge of round 2) and we want to have items we can use again anyway so from a practical standpoint it makes sense to force everyone into gender neutral items otherwise we know you all in our lives will be filling our rooms with pink or blue and then we could be stuck with it!  I am all about re-using (has anyone seen my garage sale habit??).

Here I am at 22 weeks:
I am fairly certain I have moved beyond the "one too many donuts look"! The weird line in my tummy is where the maternity pants turn into soft fabric but I wasn't all that concerned.  They are comfortable and that's all I care about! It's crazy how fast it's growing, and my goodness the girls are ridiculous!  Seriously, 34 years old and they are the best they have ever looked.  I am enjoying it while I can :)

And here is the Sesame Seed sound asleep:

As we were leaving the parking lot I felt it start kicking again.  Of course!  Now it decides to wake up :)  So far so good and we even spotted some fingers and toes.  Dayleen is happy to report that there are 10 of each.  I kept saying it was no big deal, Marilyn Monroe had 6 toes on one foot!  Nevertheless, it is reassuring when you see two arms, two legs, and all those piggies!! Apparently this is the last time I am allowed to use the Marilyn Monroe comparison.  Ha ha. 


  1. YAY!!! Are you going to find out the sex?

  2. This is really choking me up.... lol And yes, enjoy the boobs while you can! They're still decently awesome-ish during nursing, but then THIS happens. So love them! lol