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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plan for the Big Day

Now that word is getting out about the move, yes we moved right before having a baby, I wanted to keep everyone informed on our Birth Plan.  With everything else that is changing this is one that hopefully will not :)

This way I can also get your info if you would like to receive updates.

Plan A:  The Birthing Inn in Tacoma, WA

I am very excited about the opportunity to use this amazing facility.  It has all the perks of a at home birth but with none of the clean-up.  Now that is sweet!  This is our Plan A.  Now if at any point between now and the Big Day I turn high risk I won't be allowed to go there, but so far so good!  We will then move to Plan B.

They do not have pain medication for the management of labor pain, such as an epidural or narcotics.  If at any point I decide this is something I would like then I will be moving to Plan B.  My goal is a pain medication free child birth.  This was not a decision I came to easily or lightly but is one that I believe is right for me.  I have been studying and practicing Blissborn Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques and have the very best cheerleader by my side, the Warrior Princess.  Who sits at this very moment on pins and needles waiting for me to call.

The Birthing Inn is very small and by it's nature you are low-risk if you are birthing there.  Therefore most new families are only there for about 4 to 6 hours after birth before you go home.  If Plan A happens we will probably not be having be having visitors since the time frame will be short and the location small.

However, we want to make sure that everyone who wants to stay in the loop does.  So, if you would like email or text updates please email me at or send me a message some other way and we will make sure you get information as we go.  We will probably not be posting anything on Facebook until after the fact.

Plan B:  St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, WA

St. Joe's is one of the only (if not the only) hospital in the state that does water births on a regular basis.  If we need to transfer this is my hospital of choice. They have excellent facilities, are very well known for respecting birth plans, my midwife can come with me and have a great NICU.

If we need to go to plan B then visitors are more than welcome!  Since there is an extensive waiting room and we will probably be there for a couple of days.

Plan C:  The side of I-5 because I go into labor in Lynnwood during rush-hour traffic :)

Hey I look at this way, if I am meant to have this baby along I-5 what a hell of a birth story it will make :)  In this instance no one will be able to get to us because we will be all stuck in the traffic jam that I have just added to by laboring on the shoulder of the freeway.

Visitors in ALL CASES:  We are asking anyone that would like to visit us and the Sesame Seed to be current on their DTAP.  Adults don't often know they have whooping cough but it can kill babies especially as their immune systems are building up.  Thank you for being respectful of our wishes!  If you are unable to or prefer not to, we understand that as well, we are happy to schedule a time when it is more appropriate for the baby's immune system for a visit.  I know, its not even here yet and I already have it in a bubble :).

What can you do?  A lot of folks have asked how they can help when the baby arrives especially now that we have moved away from you all. Food is always good! Rumor has it we will be one-eye opened pouring lemonade into the coffee thinking it is creamer.  So as long as you keep in mind that we will not be very good entertainer's, my hair in ratty pony tail, and may fall asleep on you,  and entirely possible that a boob will get pulled out, you are welcome to set up a visit :)   Also for those who have to drive a bit we do have a guest room that you are welcome to use.

We are VERY excited to welcome the Sesame Seed and know you are too!!


Junelle and Dayleen

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Maternity Pics!!

I couldn't think of a better way to have spent the evening of my birthday.  Devi, the warrior princess's sister, took some maternity pics for us and they turned out so well.  

I was 32 weeks in these pics.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pregnancy Funnies & Realities thus far

Okay this is a TMI alert right up front.  If you are uncomfortable with bodily functions, female reproductive systems, or just in general a little shy about learning too much about someone you should probably not continue to read...

HOWEVER if you are ready to laugh and possibly cringe keep reading.  :)

I just couldn't resist sharing this because while some of the 20 books I have read certainly touch on these things I don't think they really do them justice.  Now I realize that the goal of books, and media, and even our friends is to scare the living daylights out of us about all of the things that can go wrong and fill us with images of gore and torture.  But in truth, those often represent a very small percentage and only freak us the hell out.  Well, when you pack those FEARS onto what REALLY happens it can be an interesting experience.

I have chosen not to focus on the fears but I will provide some comic relief to the things that have actually happened to me (and in whispered conversations with other women, happen to them too!!!!)
But don't get a tenth of the air time of the more dramatic stuff.  In all honesty it's probably not as screen worthy lol.

So HERE GOES NOTHING (don't forget I warned you):

Morning sickness:  You don't actually have to puke with morning sickness, you could just constantly FEEL like you are going to puke.  I am not sure which is worse.  Because often when you do puke it doesn't make you feel any better. One too many alcoholic beverages? I might recommend sticking your finger down your throat to make yourself feel better.... yeah doesn't so much happen here.  Morning? HAHAHA that's funny, who is the turd that gave it that name?  No it's 24/7.  For me it was worse early evening, probably because besides when I first woke in the morning that is the longest I would go without eating. For me it was definitely connected to NOT eating, I loved brown rice cakes, soda crackers, and preggo pops.

Gag-Reflex:  Interestingly enough when the morning sickness went away my overly sensitive gag reflex did not.  Normally, I am not easily affected.  While I don't enjoy gross things, they don't really cause me to have physical reactions either... until now.  Case in point, I have animals and well stuff happens when you have animals. Accidents, puke, etc.  It's part of the gig of being a pet owner.  You suck it up and clean it up.  Plain and simple.  Well Zoie hacked something up on the kitchen floor, and my initial response: ninja like reflexes, fly off the couch, grab the paper towels, plastic grocery bags, cleaner of some kind, and attack.  Almost immediately I had to turn around and stick my own head into the kitchen sink.  WHOA!!  Where did that come from?  Yikes.  It has happened several times since with kitty puke or even just raunchy smelling items.  Well isn't this going to be fun!  Thankfully Dayleen is a rock star in this department but when she is not around I still have to suck it up.

Braxton-Hicks: I didn't really know what they were at first.  It was just weird.  But you know there are lots of "weird" things with pregnancy, they didn't hurt, and nothing stopped working so I just went with it.  A friend of mine who is also pregnant had talked about having them early on and I thought that was crazy but then again I have never been pregnant before so what do I know.  One day when I was reading one of my awesome books they had a description that actually went beyond "practice contractions".  Oh you have never been pregnant before?  Then clearly "practice contractions" is enough for you, you get it right?  Ummm no.  But finally someone put into terms I could understand and I realized that is what it was. So here is MY description for the uninitiated. Okay guys and gals with stomach muscles... I left mine at the gym. I imagine it feels like when you flex your abs really hard, like when, usually boys, dare someone else to punch them in the stomach.  Grrrrr, I am ripped hear me roar.  Yeah like that, but without trying, it just happens on its own and you don't have to hold your breath.  Now its not actually your abs, its the uterus but similar sensation I would think.  Really tight, hard as a rock, and lasts for about 30-70 seconds.  As long as they don't bother me I am like practice away dear uterus, if that makes you more efficient for the big day, have at it.

Gas:  Umm yeah, have you seen "The Bucket List"?  Well I will never forget the line the movie (I am sure someone else said it first)  "Never Trust a Fart".  Seriously!  First of all the gas is UNREAL.  Sometimes stinky sometimes not, but more often its the bubbly, crampy, you are carefully shifting in your seat to get the best angle to muffle the noise kind of gas.  Oh man, it's bad.  And when it does stink??  Lord help us all I hope you are not in the car with me.  I almost passed out once because I was in closed room with other people and I was trying desperately to control it.  Literally, I got hot all over and started to feel dizzy.  Gas is toxic people, don't hold it in.  If a poor prego in your life has gas just know its natural and she can't help it.  You can only help it so much with diet.  Oh yeah, the never trust a fart thing... statistically speaking when you are blowing that much air out of you, you are bound to find unpleasant surprises.  Just sayin'

This is just my first edition!  I realized in the making of this post that the list was SO LONG that it had to be broken up into several posts.  So look for the next round of TMI coming soon to a blog near you.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Little Baby... More Cuteness in my Belly than I can Handle!!!

At the last appointment they couldn't get some of the shots/measurements they needed so we had to schedule a follow-up ultrasound.  Oh darn, more pics of the cute little bugger.  The good news, they saw everything they needed to this time and the Sesame Seed is looking vibrant (active) and very healthy.

We got to see it swallowing/suckling, stretch out, and move it's little body around.

At first it had its little arm up over its face.  Like it was hiding away.

Do you see how close it is to my uterus and placenta?  It has all of this room to roam around but apparently it wants to be snuggled up right next to me.

Then I turned on my side and the Sesame Seed moved so we could see it's sweet little face.

Adorable profile shot!!

Look at that smile!!!  I told Dayleen we should frame it because when the seed arrives and is being cranky we can remember how cute it was lol.

And apparently settled down.

It's so cute!!  But I am in no hurry, sleep little baby, grow little baby, develop little baby!  Mommy can wait for you to do all that you need to in there.  In the meantime I just ask that you keep the kicking of my bladder to a minimum.  Thank you!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Stockpile

It seems the first things people were asking us was "are you registered" and "what are your colors".  So now that we have officially registered you might notice some items missing from the registry.  But, that's right, if you know us you know we already have a little pile o' goodies for the baby.

So here is a list of things we already have or we know is coming our way:

Forehead thermometer
Ergo Baby Carrier
Crib and changing table (just need mattress and pad) (Thank you Treasea & Gary!!)
Grocery Cart/High Chair fabric cover thing (Thanks Tina!)
Infant bouncer thing
compact travel sleeper thing
One used pak-n-play to take to family's house
Sling (Thanks Tawnya!!)
Swing (Thanks Tina!!)
Exersaucer/Jumparoo seat type thing
Mobile for crib
Crib blanket set (Thanks Rebekah!!)

Plus other random items that we have picked up or been given along the way.

Now some important answers to frequently asked questions by our friends and family:

Registry:  this will list both of our registries, Amazon and Babies r Us in one spot. We did duplicate register for some items between the two so check and see who has it cheaper, or go out to where ever you want.  If you don't see it on the registry and you don't see it in the list above but you think it could be useful.  Go for it!  It's probably more likely that we didn't know about it, being that this is our first time and all.

Cloth Diapers:  We are planning to do Cloth with supplemental disposable.

Colors:  Well considering the random smattering of items I can't say we really have a theme per se, but the colors are revolving around taupe, yellows, ecru, and brown.  Think Classic Winnie the Pooh. Is that required for us?  Nope we actually don't care as long as it is relatively gender neutral. And the baby won't either.  The Sesame Seed will probably never care that the nursery is not coordinated or themed.  It will be functional though darn it.

Estimated Due Weeks:  The end of October! Cute little pumpkin baby????

Gender:  Not finding out so stop asking!  LOL Though I must say it was hard not to.  Even if we knew, we still wanted gender neutral type things anyway so we could use them again for the next baby.

Planned Birth Location:  The Birthing Inn in Tacoma

If you think of anything else that should be here, let us know!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

More Sesame Seed Pics!!

Here it looks like the sun is shining through my belly onto to the baby's face. 

Those are FINGERS!!!! It's cute little hand.

Sleeping Sesame how sweet.  

And that my friends is an adorable little foot!!!

Sesame Seed sleeping with arm up by face.  I just couldn't get over how big it was!!!

Long and Lean... what the tech said.  The Warrior Princess's response?  Yes!  I knew we picked the right donor! lol... And NO we did not find out the gender!  Not because the Sesame Seed was being uncooperative but because we want to enjoy that surprise when the baby makes his or her entrance into the world.

Besides as we have said before, this is the first of two (Dayleen will be in charge of round 2) and we want to have items we can use again anyway so from a practical standpoint it makes sense to force everyone into gender neutral items otherwise we know you all in our lives will be filling our rooms with pink or blue and then we could be stuck with it!  I am all about re-using (has anyone seen my garage sale habit??).

Here I am at 22 weeks:
I am fairly certain I have moved beyond the "one too many donuts look"! The weird line in my tummy is where the maternity pants turn into soft fabric but I wasn't all that concerned.  They are comfortable and that's all I care about! It's crazy how fast it's growing, and my goodness the girls are ridiculous!  Seriously, 34 years old and they are the best they have ever looked.  I am enjoying it while I can :)

And here is the Sesame Seed sound asleep:

As we were leaving the parking lot I felt it start kicking again.  Of course!  Now it decides to wake up :)  So far so good and we even spotted some fingers and toes.  Dayleen is happy to report that there are 10 of each.  I kept saying it was no big deal, Marilyn Monroe had 6 toes on one foot!  Nevertheless, it is reassuring when you see two arms, two legs, and all those piggies!! Apparently this is the last time I am allowed to use the Marilyn Monroe comparison.  Ha ha. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Parents Day!

We are obviously building a family that is full of love, compassion, and undoubtably some neurotic creative disciplinary techniques.  Anyone who knows us, knows this to be true and I have to guess if you are reading this it is because you are excited about us being parents!

This journey has brought new meaning to both of us for Mother's Day and Father's Day.  One day set aside each year to celebrate the people who loved you with their whole being, probably brought you into this world, but if they didn't that minor detail was no consequence to them or you, because they loved you and guided you all the same.

Every day we see the actions of those who are the "Village" that makes up our families and provide for us role models, love, inspiration, wisdom of a hard lived life, advice, and sometimes the tough truth.  But I am especially reminded on days like today when many people, through texts, Facebook posts, etc. end up taking the opportunity to thank those that they felt contributed to their success as a human being, whether biological or not and regardless of whether they are "Father" or "Mother".  Single moms and dads, foster parents, father and mother figures, aunts and uncles, grandparents, it doesn't matter really where you are (or are not) in the blood chain, only that you were there.  You are the ones being thanked.

So whatever we call these days, take them as a moment to thank your family as you have defined it.

And we are using this to celebrate our own wonderful family and the fun we get to have with it!  Starting with our baby book!  We started it over Mother's Day Weekend and I was reminded of it again today and thought it would be a great thing to share.

Now, we couldn't find a baby book we liked that was, well, ready to go for us.  But we used our creativity to make it picture perfect (Devi would be so proud of the scrapbookingesque approach we used)!  How cute is this???

We had to change Grandparents to Parents later
 Who do you think is Mom and who is Mommy?  Will that change when the Sesame Seed actually arrives?
The Monkey is SOO cute
 We also dedicated a page to the Donor (not shown here) because it is important part of how our family was built!
This will probably be one of the favorite "look back at" pages

We can't wait to include items from all of you into our Memories.  

Thursday, June 7, 2012

How to make room for a baby

Well admittedly, one of the logistically most complicated parts of this whole (seriously this statement includes the actually getting pregnant part) process has been how do you actually make room for a new being in your house?

It's not like we are 19 and just starting out in the world with our empty cardboard boxes acting as a coffee table and our oven as a desk.  Oh you think I am kidding?  Ask anyone about my first apartment, I didn't actually even use my room at first because I didn't have a bed. Instead, I slept in a sleeping bag on my "free from a friend who was going to throw it away" wood frame with removable 70's green and orange floral cushions couch. Needless to say I had room to grow.

Fast forward to today, here are two established women in their 30s and who have actually lived in the same place for a decent amount of time, including two dogs and two cats.  I think it is safe to say that we have "filled our space"  and the Warrior Princess would probably argue TOO well tee hee.  So I have a shoe ... let's call it fascination shall we! What can I say!

We have been told we can't put the baby in the dog kennel with Effie.  Although Dayleen would argue if you start from the beginning they don't know any different and the dogs are just a little spoiled. :)

In all seriousness, how pray-tell did we find room in our house for our forthcoming addition?

1. Garage Sale!!!  - Hard decisions had to be made but we both found plenty of items that could be better used by someone else.  I literally used 60 price tags alone on clothes and shoes.

2.  Goodwill - What didn't sell found a new home at Goodwill or on

Finally, the mother of all problem solvers:

3.  Creative Room Design - The real purpose of this post!!

So here is our Guest Room Before:

Yes that is baby stuff at the end of the bed.  :)

And our office (from the POV of Dayleen's Desktop) before hand:

Yes, that is me walking around pre pregnancy days.... good news is, the sooner I pop this thing out the sooner I can work back to that!  And unfortunatley, this is about as good as gets for a picture of the office.  In my adventure to write this post I realized the pictures I had of the office all came from the camera on the desktop! lol.  So use your imagination.

Solution?  Turn the Guest Room into a Guest Room/Office but our predicament is that we actually have guests that use our guest room on a regular basis so we didn't want to go with an uncomfortable cheap futon or skinny sleeper sofa.  For quality in either of those areas you still had to spend some cash.    

Well after all the research, measuring, sampling, and letting go we found an excellent answer!

A Murphy BED!!!  We get to keep the comfortable queen bed, but it is out of the way when guests are not here and we have plenty of office space.

And now the old office will get to be the Treadmill/Nursery!

 Dayleen has already put her mad skills to the test making an awesome shelf to put inside the closet to help maximize space.

This ladies and gentleman is how to make room for a baby... Dayleen and Junelle Style!  Welcome to our transformation. 

P.S.  Yes we are keeping the walls in the nursery off-white.  That is just who we are, we like our off-white what can we say.  But we may be open to wall decorations to add a little spice to the room.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

What a difference two weeks makes!

Holy smokin' I am telling you it seems like over night I went from looking bloated to BAM belly. 17 1/2 weeks ladies and gentlemen. I have only gained 3 pounds but I am certain that I have doubled in width. Its impressive.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Registry Poll Update

Okay here are the top items that were recommended by everyone, here, on Facebook, email, etc.

Top Suggestions (In order of mentions):

Duking it out for the top spot:
Ergo Carrier*
Swaddling Blankets - Brand recommendations: Carter's are thick and big, and Aden & Anais

Sharing the next most amount of love:
Baby Monitor
Bouncy Seat*
Crib Bedding/Sheets - At least 2 sets for quick turn around in the middle of the night
Diaper Bags - At least 2, Backpack style highly recommended
Sleep Sack
Thermometer - Good one such as a forehead scanner
Wipe Warmer

Honorable Mentions:

Baby nail file
Bath seat
booties that tie...socks always fall off
bottles (venti air wide nipple...never had booby confusion)
Burp Cloths
Burt's bees or Aveeno Baby Wash
Butt cream
Car Seats- Britax for carseats...marathon for rear/forward up to 65 pounds, and frontier for forward/booster.
Changing Pad system - JJ Cole, add wips container
Changing Table & Mat
Cloth Washrags
Cloth wipes
Convertible Car Seat

Diaper Pail*
Diaper Warmer
Fan (for white noise)
Foam mat for bath tub
Hair Rinsing Bucket
Hooded Towels (can sew a wash cloth onto a big towel)
ibuprofen for kids
Liners (Rice Paper) for solids
Mirror to see baby in back seat of car
Music Soother (Fisherprice, plays 18 mins of music)
Nursing Cover
Safety Equipment
Snack Cups
Teething Tablet

Travel Diaper Changing Pad
Triple Paste
Waterproof Mattress Protectors (2)
Wet Bag*
White Noise Machine

*Are items that I actually already have!  I am impressively on a good roll.

So there you go my friends!  Feel free to add more :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Is she or isn't she?

The dreaded don't ever say "Congratulations" to a woman unless she tells you she is pregnant first!

It's even harder to know during the early stages when let's face it, you just look bloated, or like me you came into this game an "overachiever".  I mean really, I was trying to get a head start by having my fat stores for breast feeding already in place :)

Admittedly, when you are already a little fluffy particularly being poochalicious in the belly region you hope that someday you might actually look pregnant and not a bigger version of yourself.  But you secretly harbor insecurity and let's face it as women, our weight seems to be popular discourse for public conversation and I have noticed almost more so during pregnancy.  Poor Jessica Simpson!  She was tore up in the media and I thought she was adorable.  Rock on girl friend for not hiding away.  I hope I look half that cute, minus the heels.

But we all can't wait to "show",  to have some physical evidence (other than the gray shade to our face and bags under our eyes from nausea and not sleeping well) of the alien that has taken up residence inside of us.

Needless to say when I got dressed this morning I was excited to look in the mirror and realize that it kind of (look really hard) looks like a baby bump!!!  I am so excited.  So, since everyone has been asking for pics I thought I would share.  I made my friend that was with me at my work meeting take this pic before we went in.  Thanks, Marti!!!

Viola, the baby bump has arrived!  :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time to Register?

Well I guess so! A friend of mine who is about 6 weeks ahead of me began registering at 12 weeks and I thought that was crazy, I couldn't even comprehend being pregnant yet, I mean through the fatigue, let alone what we would need for the little sesame seed.  But sure enough it is one of the first questions people are asking. So we are going to venture a go at it heading into week 15.

But FIRST I want to know from all of you...what the heck should we even put on our registery? We have never done this before so I don't have a clue as to what is really useful, versus what is nice, and to the down right epic fail items. I really don't want a registry full of items that we won't use or that others are not interested in getting.

Dogs? Now we could help you out there...but babies? Totally uncharted territory for this very toddler unfriendly, sharp corner, every plug is exposed household.

Here is what I would LOVE for you to do if you don't mind. Leave a comment here, if you can with a link, telling us about the specific item and more importantly what it is used for :)

It takes a village right?

p.s. Some Q&A if it is helpful
We are not going to find out the sex, well at least not until the big day, so suggestions on both sides are great.
I am planning on giving breast feeding a go.
We are looking at Amazon and Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory.

Anything else just ask and I will try to answer! Let the suggestions begin!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cricket... Cricket...

My apologizes to everyone who has visited my page looking for an update to no avail!  I have been so bad, I finally get pregnant and poof drop off the face of the planet.  Well for those of you that have gone through this before you know just how exhausting the first trimester can be.  Seriously, I was not prepared for the fatigue at all.  It totally took my surprise.  There have been loving joking comments such as "Junelle's boring" and "I basically already have a kid, I feed her, burp her, and send her to bed".  It's been bad.

Here is was my typical first trimester schedule:

4:45am... Wake up and hit snooze, crawl out of bed, force myself to shower and get ready for work. Grabbing a rice cake or soda cracker along the way.

7:15am... Get to work, and try not to fall asleep at my computer.  Eat small meals through out the day, keep my garbage can right next to my chair, and when all else fails suck on preggo pops and saltines and pray.

6:00pm... Get home from work, go straight to the bathroom then straight to kitchen and grab anything within edible distance.  The key for me I found was not going too long without eating.  An empty stomach equaled the worst nauseau

7:15pm... After eating dinner, putting on sweats, doing MAYBE one productive thing around the house, fall asleep on the couch and Dayleen has to remind me to shove off to bed.

11:00pm... Get up and pee

1:30am.... Get up and pee, AGAIN

3:00am... Are you kidding me?  How much is too much for a bladder to take?????

4:45am... Do it all over again.

As you can see, there wasn't much time for me to blog, which I admittedly was sad about.  Because I have been looking forward to journaling this adventure with you.  Now that I am feeling a little better and can actually make it to 8:30pm hopefully I will be able to fill you with more musings and insights to my fun and cranky journey.  

One more thing:  My props go out to moms with several kids, I have no idea how you do it but more power to you.  My poor dogs have been neglected.  Certainly the necessities of food, water, and going potty have been met but hardly extra curricular activities.  Thank God the warrior princess is home right now.  But you have all my respect.  It seems crazy that anyone could do this and still have little ones running around.  

Finally for your viewing pleasure here are the pictures from the last ultrasound we had of the sesame seed, the uncooperative little seed that it was being:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Alive!!

The Warrior Princess is off to Texas to begin her adventure into the civilian world! We had today's first ultrasound scheduled originally for today in Tacoma and the clinic had to call and cancel and had nothing available before the Warrior Princess was scheduled to leave.  We were so bummed but the scheduler at the doctor's office worked with me all day and an opening came up for 9am in Bellevue.  I didn't care how far out of the way we had to drive as long as she could be with me.  

So there we were bright and early!  This appointment established a heartbeat and make sure that the gestational sac was forming correctly and the size of the embryo was on target.  You can't hear the heartbeat but you can SEE it!!!  It was crazy, watching this blur of black and white TV snow pump.  

Once a heartbeat can be established the risk (and there is definitely still risk) of miscarriage goes down to about 5%.  So Dayleen was okay with me sharing it with the world!  What a magical moment.  It finally made me feel like all of this exhaustion and nausea and other goofy things are worth it.  Validation that there is really something incredible going on inside of me.  

Here is the heartbeat at a whopping 128 beats per minute!

And here is the Sesame Seed as we have affectionately started calling the embryo even though it is technically almost the size of lima bean now.  Almost 1 inch long!  Kind of crazy.

I am officially accepting recommendations for:
Books (to add to my ridiculous library)
Nausea cures
Ideas to help me sleep

Thank you everyone!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If I didn't know better...

I would think I had cancer.  Not to alarm anyone!  Overall my health is looking pretty good in that area and just to prove it I have just celebrated 4 years in remission!  But seriously the last time I had these kinds of bizarre things happen to my body and I felt this exhausted I was eventually diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Admittedly, if I hadn't had that positive pregnancy test in hand my hypochondriac self would have been hauling butt to the oncologist.

So what do you ask reminds me of it?

Well, so exhausted  that I snapped open my eyes and tried to figure out how long I had been sitting on the toilet, at work mind you.  Luckily it hadn't been that long but yikes!

Thrush - Oh yeah, that's right I don't even have a baby yet and I am already dealing with thrush.  I got it several times when I was sick so I knew what it was as soon as it began to appear. This may sound strange to you, but I have learned that normal doesn't exist in my world.

Itchy - okay well this was slightly different but when I was sick I itched so much all over my body that I drew blood and have scars on my back, feet and ankles.  This time, I had a flare up of my urticaria and was covered in hives and itching.

Pretty impressive list for less than two weeks isn't it? LOL  I figure I am simply trying to be efficient by getting it out of the way early.  At least I hope!

I know it seems a little dark to the compare the two but seriously who would have thought pregnancy would feel this way?  I certainly didn't! And I have been doing a lot of reading.

Fatigue or nausea or goofy other things, it's a part of the journey and I am so excited to be on it.

But I will gladly take any advice on keeping my energy up!  So share away!  I just know I am going to wake up at the end of the bus line drooling on some poor stranger's shoulder.  :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

And the verdict is in...

WOOHOO!!!   We finally have our first BFP (or Big Old Fat POSITIVE!!)

Holy cow!  This has been confirmed by a blood test at the doctor's office.  I am officially 4 weeks pregnant.  (falalala la laaa)  Oh I'm sorry excuse me but I am floating on air!!

While I have of course gone the nontraditional route in so many ways on this journey, from well the journey itself to blogging about it and having you all come along with me, I am not going to post it on Facebook for a while.  The warrior princess is worried I will jinx it.  But I just can't help myself, I am so friggin excited!! So to compromise, I am telling you for me and we will tell the rest of the world when Dayleen feels it is a little safer.  Deal.

Can I say I feel great right now?  Ask me how I feel again in a few days but right now it is majestic to finally have the positive affirmation that what I have been working for may finally pay off.

So here is the cute story:

In the past I have had a bad and rather expensive habit of testing too early and too many times with heartache and then just to start my period.  This time, well frankly I had to wait because of the hCG shot could create a false positive.  And the Warrior Princess was threatening to lock up all the pregnancy tests on me, so I waited.

But you know this morning, the day I could test I was up bright and early!!  I went in and diligently did what girls do when you are taking a pregnancy test and peed on a stick.  Now, I don't have the best eye sight first thing in the morning without my glasses and all and these things can take a few minutes, so I went back to bed.  Dayleen followed in and yelled "hey!  I see two lines!!"

My response went something like this "You have got to be sh*t'n me" repeated several times.  I mean I have done this a couple of times to no avail after all.

I totally freaked out and could not get back to sleep, so I have been up since and went in the doctor's first thing this morning.  And now with a positive blood test I can share it with you!!


YAY!!!  Now we hope and pray for a whole lot of sticking power and healthy vibes.

Holy Smokes, I am Pregnant

Monday, February 6, 2012

We are off!!

Of course we are finally ready to get started again, and it looked like I wasn't going to ovulate.  Normally I have a positive OPK by day 13... by the time day 16 rolled around and still no pretty little smiley face?  So sad!  I called the clinic to see what they thought, because I was experiencing other signs of ovulation there might have still been a chance.

I went in for the "egg tickler" aka "follicular ultrasound" where they can see your ovaries and tell if you are about the ovulate/already have. And hot dog, just a late ovulation because there was a nice big fat 21 (some measurement) dominant follicle.  The warrior princess thinks my body just didn't want to give it up!  At my age, I only have so many good ones left. :)  So we did an hCG trigger shot to help launch that egg out and went in the next day.  Otherwise, it could have interrupted our Superbowl party (no alcohol for me!!).

It is very exciting to be officially underway on our next series tries.  May the baby dust with us this month. Look for an update in about two weeks :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

And So We Begin Again!!!

We are officially starting to try again!  I am pretty excited.  :)  Now if only that excitement could turn into results.

Since we are starting anew and we used all of the previous donor that we had purchased (a total of 6 vials), we decided to switch it up this time.  We still got some of the more important qualities we were looking for in a donor but this time we were more concerned about the effectiveness of the little guys.  I am sorry I can only be patient so long and spend so much money on the "perfect" donor and have no results.  The end result after all is conception and if that is not occurring than you will just keep spending money and emotional debt and never receive the result you are looking for.  Isn't that what Einstein said the definition of insanity is?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  SO, a new donor it is!

I am also excited about the timing, if I get pregnant within the first couple of tries it will work out well with my work.  

Something else I am going to do different this time is try to continue to living normally and not hyper obsessing about everything.  I am hoping that by doing this I will relax and enjoy the experience a little more.  

Wish us lots o' sticky baby dust!  And as always you can follow along by checking the tracker at the top of my blog that tells you what point I am at.

Thanks everyone.