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Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's Alive!!

The Warrior Princess is off to Texas to begin her adventure into the civilian world! We had today's first ultrasound scheduled originally for today in Tacoma and the clinic had to call and cancel and had nothing available before the Warrior Princess was scheduled to leave.  We were so bummed but the scheduler at the doctor's office worked with me all day and an opening came up for 9am in Bellevue.  I didn't care how far out of the way we had to drive as long as she could be with me.  

So there we were bright and early!  This appointment established a heartbeat and make sure that the gestational sac was forming correctly and the size of the embryo was on target.  You can't hear the heartbeat but you can SEE it!!!  It was crazy, watching this blur of black and white TV snow pump.  

Once a heartbeat can be established the risk (and there is definitely still risk) of miscarriage goes down to about 5%.  So Dayleen was okay with me sharing it with the world!  What a magical moment.  It finally made me feel like all of this exhaustion and nausea and other goofy things are worth it.  Validation that there is really something incredible going on inside of me.  

Here is the heartbeat at a whopping 128 beats per minute!

And here is the Sesame Seed as we have affectionately started calling the embryo even though it is technically almost the size of lima bean now.  Almost 1 inch long!  Kind of crazy.

I am officially accepting recommendations for:
Books (to add to my ridiculous library)
Nausea cures
Ideas to help me sleep

Thank you everyone!!!

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