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Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Monday, February 6, 2012

We are off!!

Of course we are finally ready to get started again, and it looked like I wasn't going to ovulate.  Normally I have a positive OPK by day 13... by the time day 16 rolled around and still no pretty little smiley face?  So sad!  I called the clinic to see what they thought, because I was experiencing other signs of ovulation there might have still been a chance.

I went in for the "egg tickler" aka "follicular ultrasound" where they can see your ovaries and tell if you are about the ovulate/already have. And hot dog, just a late ovulation because there was a nice big fat 21 (some measurement) dominant follicle.  The warrior princess thinks my body just didn't want to give it up!  At my age, I only have so many good ones left. :)  So we did an hCG trigger shot to help launch that egg out and went in the next day.  Otherwise, it could have interrupted our Superbowl party (no alcohol for me!!).

It is very exciting to be officially underway on our next series tries.  May the baby dust with us this month. Look for an update in about two weeks :)


  1. I know this isn't FB but I "like" this very much!!! Thinking of you every step of the way and I am wishing the best will come very soon!!