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Monday, June 20, 2011

Take 2

This month we are moving the action to doctor's office!  There are a couple of benefits to going to the clinic, the biggest one?  Better technology.  For example, at home I get to make an educated guess on when I am going to ovulate based on all of these different signs and symptoms:  body temperature, mucus consistency, and of course the tried and true peeing on an ovulation predictor kit and waiting for the smiley face!

When you use the clinic they can literally do an ultrasound (or as my barista calls it, "egg tickler") to see exactly which ovary will pop out the egg.

Quick lesson on eggs:  your body prepares several eggs every cycle.  But only one of those eggs will actually get released, the rest just get absorbed by your body.  WELL not completely true, sometimes an extra one sneaks out and Voila! Fraternal Twins.  But for the most part, one lucky egg is headed into the great unknown of our uteruses.  Okay back to the original birds and bees lesson.  Your eggs are held inside of follicle.  The follicle that gets the biggest is the one that will release the egg.  You can actually see the follicles with the "egg tickler" as they are developing.

On day 11 I went in, and I had a follicle on one side that was 12 something and on the other side 12.5.  Sooo, basically we couldn't tell which ovary was going to pop that baby out.  What we did know for sure?  I was going to ovulate late this month.  Apparently the 12 range isn't all that spectacular for size.

On day 14 I went back in and POW there she was, busting at the seams!!

Here for your viewing pleasure is my follicle holding the egg.  Yes they let me take a picture, the sacrifices a blogger must make, like saying "is it weird if a I take a picture?"

That night I went home and had to have the Warrior Princess give me a shot of HCG in my every so soft and fluffy  belly.  (It actually stung a little bit I am just trying to make it sound nice).

The HCG acts as a trigger for my follicle, it basically said:  listen hear egg, in 36 hours you are going to bust a move out of here so don't get too comfy.  In my mind I was really saying, oh happy egg, are you ready to go out an play??  Good Egg, Happy Egg.  :) (zen thoughts).

36 hours from the trigger shot I will go in for the IUI.  Yay!!! Round 2 here we come.

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