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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Plan for the Big Day

Now that word is getting out about the move, yes we moved right before having a baby, I wanted to keep everyone informed on our Birth Plan.  With everything else that is changing this is one that hopefully will not :)

This way I can also get your info if you would like to receive updates.

Plan A:  The Birthing Inn in Tacoma, WA

I am very excited about the opportunity to use this amazing facility.  It has all the perks of a at home birth but with none of the clean-up.  Now that is sweet!  This is our Plan A.  Now if at any point between now and the Big Day I turn high risk I won't be allowed to go there, but so far so good!  We will then move to Plan B.

They do not have pain medication for the management of labor pain, such as an epidural or narcotics.  If at any point I decide this is something I would like then I will be moving to Plan B.  My goal is a pain medication free child birth.  This was not a decision I came to easily or lightly but is one that I believe is right for me.  I have been studying and practicing Blissborn Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation techniques and have the very best cheerleader by my side, the Warrior Princess.  Who sits at this very moment on pins and needles waiting for me to call.

The Birthing Inn is very small and by it's nature you are low-risk if you are birthing there.  Therefore most new families are only there for about 4 to 6 hours after birth before you go home.  If Plan A happens we will probably not be having be having visitors since the time frame will be short and the location small.

However, we want to make sure that everyone who wants to stay in the loop does.  So, if you would like email or text updates please email me at or send me a message some other way and we will make sure you get information as we go.  We will probably not be posting anything on Facebook until after the fact.

Plan B:  St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma, WA

St. Joe's is one of the only (if not the only) hospital in the state that does water births on a regular basis.  If we need to transfer this is my hospital of choice. They have excellent facilities, are very well known for respecting birth plans, my midwife can come with me and have a great NICU.

If we need to go to plan B then visitors are more than welcome!  Since there is an extensive waiting room and we will probably be there for a couple of days.

Plan C:  The side of I-5 because I go into labor in Lynnwood during rush-hour traffic :)

Hey I look at this way, if I am meant to have this baby along I-5 what a hell of a birth story it will make :)  In this instance no one will be able to get to us because we will be all stuck in the traffic jam that I have just added to by laboring on the shoulder of the freeway.

Visitors in ALL CASES:  We are asking anyone that would like to visit us and the Sesame Seed to be current on their DTAP.  Adults don't often know they have whooping cough but it can kill babies especially as their immune systems are building up.  Thank you for being respectful of our wishes!  If you are unable to or prefer not to, we understand that as well, we are happy to schedule a time when it is more appropriate for the baby's immune system for a visit.  I know, its not even here yet and I already have it in a bubble :).

What can you do?  A lot of folks have asked how they can help when the baby arrives especially now that we have moved away from you all. Food is always good! Rumor has it we will be one-eye opened pouring lemonade into the coffee thinking it is creamer.  So as long as you keep in mind that we will not be very good entertainer's, my hair in ratty pony tail, and may fall asleep on you,  and entirely possible that a boob will get pulled out, you are welcome to set up a visit :)   Also for those who have to drive a bit we do have a guest room that you are welcome to use.

We are VERY excited to welcome the Sesame Seed and know you are too!!


Junelle and Dayleen


  1. so very excited. jer and I were just talking about you two fine ladies. Please add me to email, text, fly plane to get me list...thanks and love you guys. Praying everything goes smoothly. hugs and smooches. I expect to be at least number 8 on the list....this is before great grandparents...=) chat soon.

    1. Thanks!!! Dayleen is ready now I think (more like she is looking forward to a few days off from work) where as I am HOLD ON BABY NOT YET I have more to do!! I will make sure you are on the list

  2. I know I haven't seen you in ages, but I have enjoyed following your journey through pregnancy . . . Please add me to your email list of updates :-)
    -Stephanie Hill