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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Picking up the kids

We picked up the "kids" yesterday and now we are just waiting for my LH surge (positive smiley face ovulation predictor kit).  

So who is the donor, you ask?

There are lots of different ways people decide on their donor choice.  Some women choose a donor that resembles their partner as much as possible, others look for distinct traits to either complement or balance their own traits, in the 5 books I have read on the subject so far (so I am slightly obsessive) one women literally called the sperm bank and asked which donor had the most pregnancies because the most important thing to her was that the swimmers were getting the job done! Let me tell you at $600 a try, that is very important!  You really don't want to have to try more than necessary, and let's face it I am on a timeline.  I would be lying if I didn't tell you that the fact that the donor already had 2 kids of his own wasn't reassuring.

We opted to choose a donor that we could both use since the plan is for us both to have a baby (NO not at the same time, though tempting...).  So we looked for things that would balance us both out.  I know crazy isn't it??  After you throw down several grand to ensure adequate supply getting to pick and choose doesn't seem so crazy.  

Now there are never any guarantees with genetics (okay maybe some) but you can certainly increase your odds.  The donor is tall and thin (long distance runner), hey I need to balance out the fat gene.  Brown hair and blue eyes, we both have blue eyes recessive in our immediate families so it couldn't hurt to throw that in.  No immediate family history of cancer or alcoholism (so I might have a few things I need to balance out). Has 3 degrees that spans both mine and the Warrior Princess's interests.  This is really quite summarized for the 20 page document of essays and personality tests and family medical history but you get the picture.  

I know it seems superficial in many ways but I have to tell you we probably have way more information on the donor than most women have on the men they are marrying.  Additionally, I can say with certainty that it is more than you get with a Yahoo Personal.  I do feel pretty good about the process.  

What do they look like?  Well, here is a pic of me picking them up at the bank yesterday and bringing them home.  For the record, they recommended seat belting them in! :)

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  1. I know!! It totally looks like a garbage can. LOL. The actual nitrogen tank is inside, I just found out by opening it this afternoon.