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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time to Register?

Well I guess so! A friend of mine who is about 6 weeks ahead of me began registering at 12 weeks and I thought that was crazy, I couldn't even comprehend being pregnant yet, I mean through the fatigue, let alone what we would need for the little sesame seed.  But sure enough it is one of the first questions people are asking. So we are going to venture a go at it heading into week 15.

But FIRST I want to know from all of you...what the heck should we even put on our registery? We have never done this before so I don't have a clue as to what is really useful, versus what is nice, and to the down right epic fail items. I really don't want a registry full of items that we won't use or that others are not interested in getting.

Dogs? Now we could help you out there...but babies? Totally uncharted territory for this very toddler unfriendly, sharp corner, every plug is exposed household.

Here is what I would LOVE for you to do if you don't mind. Leave a comment here, if you can with a link, telling us about the specific item and more importantly what it is used for :)

It takes a village right?

p.s. Some Q&A if it is helpful
We are not going to find out the sex, well at least not until the big day, so suggestions on both sides are great.
I am planning on giving breast feeding a go.
We are looking at Amazon and Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory.

Anything else just ask and I will try to answer! Let the suggestions begin!


  1. ok..i am actually shooting you an email with things that I could not live without...and things that are just plain silly and you will never use. Love ya.

    1. That works for me! You are awesome!!!!

  2. Sleep sacks are great...Amelia always kicked off blankets but I knew he was warm with the sack on! Wipes warmer...whether you use homemade or store bought wipes babies hate cold things on their bums!! Travel diaper changing pad. Plenty of aspirin (for the moms, not the baby)!

  3. We loved the Amazon registry system! Don't pass up registering for the safety equipment. It may be a bit too early to actually need it, but once you figure out that it is time, they've already showed you all of the stuff they have found! I.e those electrical plug things, cabinet latches, etc... Register for a good thermometer, butt cream, a hair rinsing bucket thing (our kids much prefer it to the shower thing). A baby swing, convertible car seat, bedding (you can't have enough sheets!),

    Super excited for ya'll and the garbanzo bean!

    An Ergo pack!!
    I soooo wish I had one of these with my fist, unfortunately I didn't wise up until my third!! It's the best backpack ever! The soft frame allows for easy travel and packing and it sits perfectly on anyone's hips without braking their back! I was able to mine until she was 3 (I know a bit much lol)! I loved it!!


  5. These are so awesome!! I am going to put all of these suggestions into a spreadsheet. You guys are the best!