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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sweet Little Baby... More Cuteness in my Belly than I can Handle!!!

At the last appointment they couldn't get some of the shots/measurements they needed so we had to schedule a follow-up ultrasound.  Oh darn, more pics of the cute little bugger.  The good news, they saw everything they needed to this time and the Sesame Seed is looking vibrant (active) and very healthy.

We got to see it swallowing/suckling, stretch out, and move it's little body around.

At first it had its little arm up over its face.  Like it was hiding away.

Do you see how close it is to my uterus and placenta?  It has all of this room to roam around but apparently it wants to be snuggled up right next to me.

Then I turned on my side and the Sesame Seed moved so we could see it's sweet little face.

Adorable profile shot!!

Look at that smile!!!  I told Dayleen we should frame it because when the seed arrives and is being cranky we can remember how cute it was lol.

And apparently settled down.

It's so cute!!  But I am in no hurry, sleep little baby, grow little baby, develop little baby!  Mommy can wait for you to do all that you need to in there.  In the meantime I just ask that you keep the kicking of my bladder to a minimum.  Thank you!


  1. Gahhhhh this is SO CUTE, Junelle! I can't stand it!!!! fever kicking back in. BOOOOOOO... lol Wait until Jess reads your blog! :D I hope you're getting excited!

    1. I am getting very excited. I just look at these pictures and am AMAZED that it is growing inside of me. It will be wonderful to meet our little seed in time. It is so active now, I wonder how that will translate for personality.